Mindset Work in the New Paradigm

This week, I've had lots of opportunities to think about the way I've been doing my mindset work, both for myself and with my clients.

Over the past 6 months or so, I've been trusting my inner nudges to let go of the old ways of doing things, as well as slipping back into familiar patterns every once in a while. ;)

This week was such a week, with all the emotional intensity that came with the new moon—I found myself getting sucked back in to the fear of scarcity, which immediately blocked the flow of inspiration + clarity I had found earlier.

So, I went back to doing my mindset work the old way, digging for blocks, writing lists of affirmations to reprogram my limiting beliefs, coming up with strategies to break free from the stuckness and through to my desired results.

And surprise, surprise: Even though all the realizations I had in the process made SO much sense and initially I felt great relief from all the shifting and moving of energies—it didn't take long until I found myself stuck again, with more inner child work to do, another pattern to analyze ...

You get the picture.

When I finally surrendered back into the essence of my being, opening myself to a different perspective (because I knew quite well that I was resisting something that wanted to come through from a higher place of soul wisdom), here's what I heard [remembered] loud and clear:

Let go of the idea that there is a problem!

As valid and necessary as all the shadow work + deep digging for unconscious blocks may have been for some time on this journey, while you're looking for problems, you're actually CREATING them.

Your focus determines your experience. Therefore, as you're focusing on blocks (even clearing them), you're creating more blocks. ;)

I had actually known this for a while, but hadn't really believed it would work (because in the past, it certainly didn't ... see the #1 reason down for this below).

However, looking at how my journey has unfolded in the last 6 months, I can see without a doubt that this has been one of my key shifts, which happened very intuitively as a result of the lack of passion I was feeling for a while.

In a funny way, that inner emptiness caused me to go looking for my JOY rather than for the problem.

Which is exactly what I found in so many ways (inside of myself and in the form of crazy external manifestations that unfolded as a result). :)

This is actually a key shift as we're moving more fully into the new [5D] paradigm, one which can change our reality very quickly once we find that trust in ourselves and the universe (we = the universe) ;) to let go of our false securities and be guided by our deepest joy + truth.

The reason this doesn't work in 3D consciousness is that while we're not fully conscious of who we are, we tend to look for happiness outside of ourselves [a.k.a. in the solution to our "problems"], which is a form of escape and comes from a focus on lack.

On this human journey, most of us have been programmed to distrust ourselves from a very young age. We've been taught to take on the desires of our parents, follow what looks good to society, suppress our emotions because they weren't seen as acceptable by others.

As we're shifting into embodied 5D consciousness, manifestation becomes very simple, and you'll find that there's actually just ONE reason why your desires aren't manifesting (or why the manifestation of your desires isn't resulting in the happiness you imagined it would).

You're not trusting yourself and the universe (you = the universe) enough to go for what you TRULY want.

That's it!

So: Instead of looking for blocks + ways out of those blocks, go do some soul searching.

Then, follow the inspiration that naturally arises from there.

Trusting that you are fully supported as you do so.

That's all there's really to it in the end. :)