Lost the Passion for Your Business? How to Spark That Flame Again

Ever since I got started on my entrepreneurial journey, I've had times of throwing myself into my work with boundless passion and enthusiasm, giving my all and taking barely a moment to rest. Followed by periods of feeling utterly uninspired, burned out, and unsure what to do with myself.

For the first time, this happened about a year into my first business, then again after launching my coaching practice back in 2015, and again more recently, after celebrating my best months yet between March and October last year.

Initially, I believed I was experiencing what I like to call a classic up-leveling block. In other words: I thought I had hit an upper limit and was sabotaging my success because my subconscious was interpreting the new situation as a threat.

However, deep inside, I felt that there was something else.

What I was experiencing reminded me very much of the time I had hit a big wall in my first business. Which, looking back, had nothing to do with self-sabotage and was actually the crisis that opened the door to my career as a spiritual teacher.

And which changed my entire life for the better for years and years to come.

What I felt toward the end of last year was so similar I couldn't dismiss it.

In fact, the pain of no longer knowing who I was or what I was truly passionate about left me with no other choice but to go looking for my joy.

Every single day, I sat down with my journal, went for long walks outside in nature, and spent time in silent meditation, asking:

What do I truly want with my heart and soul? What would really bring me joy? Where's my true excitement, passion, fulfillment?

That's how I found myself again. My truth. The bits and pieces of myself that I had cut off, suppressed, pushed aside in order to be safe, so I didn't have to face the pain of being someone I thought wasn't acceptable, lovable, worthy of being seen and heard, and yes—running a successful business in a way that genuinely feels good to my soul. Doing what makes me me.

Now, coming out on the other side, I'm so glad all this happened. Even though it wasn't an easy journey, I'm happier than I've been in a long time, I feel truly connected to myself and my purpose, and everything about my business feels so much lighter, more effortless, and clear.

As an unexpected (and welcome) ;) side-effect, I've been witnessing accelerated manifestations in all areas of my life—including a wonderful new home that is just perfect for me and my family, a new dog who looks SO much like the fluffy white pup on my vision board, a REAL piano in our living room (which came with the house), a nice, open office space I absolutely love working in, and a beautiful garden which I can't wait to start planting once it gets warmer. (Ready for more!) :)

If my story reminds you of what you're going through right now, and if you're ready to reconnect with your true passion so you can go ahead and build a business that isn't just lucrative, but that lights you up from the inside, here's what I encourage you to do:

3 Steps to Find Your Passion + Purpose

1. Relax into Your Heart

If you're someone who is used to constantly being busy, and especially if you're the kind of person who tends to worry a lot, this may initially be uncomfortable. But know this: The answers you're seeking can't be found through rational thinking, no matter how hard you try.

Essentially, you're currently experiencing a spiritual awakening—a process of integrating  different aspects of yourself to come to a new level of wholeness. Very likely, you are also receiving a "cosmic upgrade", which means you are being guided into a new level of your purpose. What's most important in this moment is to connect with your heart and soul rather than your logical mind.

Therefore, give yourself some space to rest, and allow what wants to come through to come through. Whenever you catch yourself over-analyzing, take a deep breath, let go of any resistance you may be feeling, and relax into your heart space. This is where you'll find the answers you're truly looking for.

2. Seek Joy, Seek Truth

Instead of analyzing problems, seek what brings you joy. If you're not sure, ask your higher consciousness (God/Source) to reveal it to you, let go, and let the answers come naturally. Through the law of attraction, you'll get what you ask for as long as you're asking for what you really want.

Very likely, you'll find that the quest for genuine joy will teach you a lot about yourself and your purpose. Joy is the essence of your being, therefore, seeking joy will always guide you back to a more authentic and liberated version of yourself.

When looking for your passion, resist the temptation to look outside of yourself for answers. While you may receive inspiration from teachers who are doing something similar to what you envision yourself creating, comparing yourself to others will get your ego in the way, and you won't be able to see what's truly unique about you. (Which is exactly what you're meant to be doing in this world—because only YOU can do it.)

3. Try out [Lots of] New Things

Finally, don't be afraid to take action! On a physical and emotional level, a lack of passion is often the result of being overly cautious due to past traumatic experiences.

As you're asking for your joy, follow those inner nudges that are guiding you in a new direction, even if this may involve stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing something you've never done before. If it's both exciting and a little scary, you're probably on the right path.

Stop procrastinating, no matter how convincing those little voices in your head may be, telling you that you can't do it, that you're not skilled enough, that you're not ready, that you don't have time, that you must finish this or that first.

Looking back, every single time I made big changes happen in my life, taking action on my inspiration (and not the things I thought I "should" be doing), was exactly what set everything in motion. This was the case when I began my work with the angelic realms back in 2010, when I made the decision to travel the world and begin my new life here in Canada, and again more recently, when I followed my inner guidance to create this new website and start fresh in my business.

Even small steps can change things rapidly if our actions are aligned with our true desires and purpose.

That's it for today!

Now, let me know in the comments: What's one thing you're feeling inspired to explore in your business, and what's one step you can take today to get into purposeful action? I can't wait to hear from you.

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