Is Confusion About Your Purpose Stopping You From Moving Forward in Your Business?

One question I often get asked, and one that I've struggled with myself many times on my journey, is this: How do I get clear about my purpose when I'm totally confused about what I want to do (next) in my business?

Whether you're just getting started as an entrepreneur, or whether you've been in business for a while but feeling the need for a fresh start, being unsure about what you truly desire for your next steps can feel like a huge roadblock that can potentially keep you stuck for months if you don't know how to push through those insecurities.

If you're currently considering a new direction in your career, yet are hesitating to move forward due to a lack of clarity, here's how to get unstuck and get moving:

3 Ways to Find Clarity About Your Purpose When You're Feeling Stuck

1. Stop overthinking, trust your inner knowing

Whether you're aware of it or not, chances are that you already have a pretty clear sense of where you're heading—you're simply not trusting those inner nudges that are guiding toward your next steps.

Instead of over-analyzing, relax into your heart space, and ask: "If I pretended that I already knew my purpose, what would it be?" Trust the first thoughts that come through. Don't look too far. Very likely, your purpose isn't something you must go and find, but something you already have a good foundation for.

2. Know that you have a choice

One thing I often see with spiritually based business owners is that they tend to hold on to the idea that their purpose is something predestined rather than a decision they are free to make.

While it's true that we do make certain choices on a soul level before we incarnate in this lifetime, the truth also is that you're not separate from your soul, and in fact, time as we perceive it isn't what it appears to be. The more you learn to embrace your creative power as a divine being having a human experience, the more you'll realize that you are actually creating your destiny right NOW. Therefore, you are free to choose.

If you don't know where to begin, ask: "What feels good to me in this moment?" (And not: "What SHOULD I do or want? What would look good to others? Etc.") Learn to trust your inner authority, and you can't go wrong.

3. Get into action

Finally, let go of the idea that everything needs to be perfectly clear before you go and take action. Life is a journey. Your perspective changes with each step you take. You may have an intuitive sense of where you're heading, but you'll only get a clearer view of your path once you're actually moving moving forward.

Therefore, don't be afraid to take that next step. Even if it's a step in the "wrong" direction, you'll learn something from it, you'll get more clarity, and ultimately, you'll end up in the same place anyway. Your journey will always teach you more about yourself, and through that, you'll naturally step into the next level of your purpose.

So: Don't get stuck in perfectionism, and go for what your heart desires!

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