Creating Money in the New Paradigm

In my past 9 years as an entrepreneur, I've had countless opportunities to explore different ways of creating money in business.

When I say this, I'm not just talking different business models and strategies. Just as much (or even more), I've always been fascinated by the energetics of things, and especially, how we can manifest specific results in different ways by utilizing different kinds of mindset practices.

In 2009, shortly before I started my first business, I got my first taste of mindset work when a friend of mine recommended the book "The Secret" to me.

I was immediately captivated by the idea of being able to create anything I desired simply by commanding it into my reality. Ever since I was a little girl, I had loved those kinds of fairy stories in which wishes were granted and dreams came true, so this was totally my kind of magic.

And it worked.

Over the next few months, I put my entire focus on calling my business into my life, making sure I was keeping my thoughts positive at all times.

About a month after reading the book, I quit my job, my employer became my first client, and by my 29th birthday, I was fully self-employed with more than enough income to make a decent living right from the start.

I never looked back.

However, there's one thing I quickly realized: In spite of my rapid success in this business, externally manifesting what I wanted wasn't all there was to living a happy and freedom-filled life.

Being my own boss and learning how to run a business was fun and exciting for a while, but about a year after taking my leap into entrepreneurship, I hit a wall.

At first, I thought I was simply burned out from spending too much time online and (still) working in a high-stress corporate environment. However, once I dared to ask deeper questions, I soon ventured into a completely new direction.

Not only did my quest for the truth initiate a rapid awakening, it was also the beginning of my career as a spiritual teacher.

Later on my journey, I faced a different kind of challenge. After leaving Europe and starting my new life here in Canada, I went through a massively painful period of processing past emotional trauma—all of that while having no roots and little support in my relationships.

For several years, I struggled to get back on track. I was so paralyzed by fear that even the slightest forward movement felt completely overwhelming. Needless to say my business wasn't doing well.

Finally, I gathered all my strength and committed to taking massive action no matter how painful I knew it would be. And at last, things got better, I created my first online courses, started my coaching business, and celebrated my first $5K launch a few months later.

But: The journey was far from over. For several years to come, I had a hard time trusting myself, and while my income was growing, I was still in a poverty mindset that caused me to put most of my energy into securing my survival rather than following my joy.

It wasn't that I was completely off track, and I did love parts of my work, but ever so often, I looked for guidance outside of myself rather than listening to my own inner voice.

I compared myself to other successful coaches instead of trusting my own path, and more and more, I disconnected from myself so much I was faced with an utterly painful inner emptiness once I had hit my big success goals and the journey really wasn't about the money anymore.

Finally, I had no other choice: The resistance I was feeling to continuing on my journey was so strong I had to go looking for my joy. And through that, I gradually reconnected with my truth.

For the first time in years, I was clear about what I wanted and what my purpose was in life. And I let nothing stop me from moving forward in that direction.

I took the leap, redid my website and packages, started my podcast and new blog. Giving myself permission to simply be myself without questioning my worth or going back into survival mode felt immensely liberating.

I committed to implementing what I had understood on a spiritual and intellectual level for many years, knowing that creating abundance wasn't really a matter of my doing as much as it was a matter of remembering my true Source.

As a result, I didn't just find a whole lot of new passion for my work, I also felt much more focused and at ease in my daily business activities, and I witnessed an amazing amount of unexpected opportunities and synchronistic events—ranging from speaking opportunities and unexpected passive income to crazy manifestations in my personal life.

(Including a puppy who looks so much like the fluffy white dog on my vision board, a wonderful new home that's just perfect for us, a piano in the living room that came with the home, and a beautiful garden exactly as I had envisioned it.)

Manifesting Money in the Old vs. New Paradigm

To sum things up, here's what I've learned in the past 6 months of reconnecting, restructuring, and rebuilding my business according to the universal principles of abundance.

Creating money in the old {3D} Paradigm

In the old paradigm, making money (in business or in a job) works more or less like this:

  1. Decide what you want to create. (E.g. your dream home, dream vehicle, dream business, dream life.)

  2. Find out how much money you'll need in order to make it happen.

  3. Figure out a way to create X amount of money, focusing mostly on the necessary physical action steps.

  4. Hustle until it's done.

  5. Go and invest the money you've made, make your dream happen.

  6. Rinse and repeat.

Creating Money in the New {5D} Paradigm

  1. Decide what you want to create. (E.g. your dream home, dream vehicle, dream business, dream life.) [Important: Your desire MUST come from your true authentic self and can't be based on societal norms, wanting to please others, fill an inner void, etc. Otherwise it's not going to work. And I'll tell you right away, THIS is the trickiest part for most people.]

  2. Take aligned action in the present moment.

  3. Trust that as you are taking action in the direction of your joy and purpose, the money will come naturally. (And it will—or already is!)

  4. Enjoy the journey!

One quick final tip: There's nothing wrong with creating money the old, 3rd-dimensional way as long as it's currently working for you. Sometimes, empowering yourself to improve your financial situation physically in traditional ways can be the first step towards freeing up some space for you to relax into your higher calling. Simply don't let an imagined "reality" of scarcity stop you from moving forward. Through that, you'll inevitably stay stuck. Even small steps can set big things in motion if they're taken with the right focus and intention.

As a mindset practice to support you along this journey, I highly recommend the 40 Day Prosperity Plan by John Randolph Price. (Read more about it in my article: My Favourite Abundance Practice.)

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