5 Ways to Ask Your Angels for Help in Your Business

Ever since I first started working with the angels about 8 years ago, I’ve loved watching the big and little miracles that can happen when I ask my guides to work their magic on my behalf.

In recent times, I’ve been getting the inspiration to bring some of my work with the angels back into my business, and it’s been pretty amazing to witness the changes both in my own and my clients’ lives.

So today, I thought I’d share some of my favourite ways to enlist the angels’ help when I feel the need for some otherworldly support in my business, and how you can connect with your angels to receive their assistance, too.

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How the Angels Can Help to Speed Up Your Manifestations + Healing

To begin, I’d like to say a few words about how having angels around you can benefit you, and why their presence can make such a huge difference when you’re working towards manifesting something you desire. Whether it’s an important life change, something you’d like to heal, or attracting the right clients or professionals to support you in your business.

First of all, beings from the higher dimensions see our human struggles from a different point of view, meaning that they don’t have an ego the way we do, and they can see everything from the perspective of divine truth and love rather than fear. Therefore, your angels can help you make better decisions and manifest your highest good without your fears getting in the way.

Angels also vibrate at a higher frequency than we do, which can benefit you in several ways. Firstly, your angels can create a “blanket” or bubble of higher vibrational energy around you to protect you from harmful influences. Having your angels around you on a regular basis also helps to attune you to these higher frequencies, which makes the shifts you’re receiving from working with your guides more permanent.

Now, let’s look at some more specific ways you can ask your angels for support:

5 Ways You Can Ask Your Angels for Support

1. Ask Your Angels to Clear Your Energy Field

One of my favourite ways to work with the angels is to ask them to clear and balance my aura, chakras, and physical body. This can take on many forms (I can usually “see” what exactly they’re doing in my mind’s eye, e.g. in the form of colours and symbolic images), but I always like to begin by calling on Archangel Michael to clear away any lower energies in my space.

A few other angels I sometimes work with for clearing include Archangel Jophiel (harmonizes and raises the vibrational frequency of your space), Archangel Zadkiel (works with the violet flame of forgiveness and transmutation), and Archangel Metatron (helps to raise your consciousness and remember your divine magic).

In my business, I like to clear the energy in my space both before and after client sessions, and often at the beginning and/or end of my work day.

When I cleanse my energy with the help of the angels (and sometimes with sage or incense), I usually relax much more easily, I feel a deeper sense of inner peace, and I can physically feel the energy in and around my body getting lighter.

Energy clearing techniques are especially helpful for empaths, healers, and anyone who regularly spends lots of time connecting with other people, including on social media, since many of us have a natural tendency to pick up energy from our surroundings.

2. Ask Your Angels to Connect You with the Right People (Clients, Business Partners, etc.)

Another way your angels can help you in your business is by connecting you with the right people such as your dream clients, a specific number of participants for your workshop, or business partners to collaborate with.

The best way to go about this is to simply ask your angels to send [enter the specific kind of person you’d like to attract] your way and then completely release the need to control the exact “how”. The more easily you can let go and trust, the more easily and quickly you’ll receive.

Always ask for the highest good of everyone involved to make sure you give your angels permission to create the best possible connections for you (without being limited by what your ego may think is best). :)

A specific angel you can work with to help you find dream clients as well as business partners, friends and romantic connections is Archangel Chamuel (the finding angel).

3. Ask Your Angels to Work Through the People in Your Life

You can also ask your angels to work through the people you connect with in your life and business—especially those who are supporting you with some aspect of your work or life.

This could be a coach or mentor, a healer, a lawyer, a government person, or even a random stranger (given that the angels have permission from their higher self).

I especially like to use this technique before meetings I’m a little nervous about, e.g. before a doctor’s appointment, when I’m about to go through security at the airport, or when I have to take care of some type of paperwork I’m a bit anxious about.

You may be surprised at what happens as a result! In my own life, asking the angels to work through other people has led to many magical encounters I still remember with a smile on my face.

4. Ask Your Angels for Guidance + Inspiration

Another one of my favourites is to ask my angels for insight when I’m in the process of making an important decision or when I’ve encountered an obstacle I’m not sure how to deal with.

For this, I usually connect with my personal guides or the archangels (e.g. Archangel Michael). Sometimes I also work with elemental beings such as fairies or mermaids. (It depends on the question and what exactly I’m seeking support with.)

An easy way to receive guidance from your angels is through angel oracle cards (e.g. the Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue). If you already have some experience communicating with your angels, you may also be able to have direct conversations with them, either by talking to them or writing letters.

Before you connect with your angels for guidance, take some time to meditate and quiet your thoughts. This will help you hear your angels more easily and make sure you’re not distracted by your monkey mind. :)

5. Ask Your Angels for a Specific Healing Intervention

Finally, you can ask your angels for support in any acute crisis or situation that requires healing.

I’ve often found that angelic help tends to arrive more rapidly than usual on such occasions, the reason being that we tend to receive with much less resistance when we’re in a state of surrender.

I could give you many examples of miracles I’ve experienced in such situations, especially while I was traveling.

One of my favourite memories is the night I got kicked out of a friend’s place in Los Angeles just before midnight. Finding a hotel was relatively easy, and I already had a new place to stay with a friend in Pasadena. However, I had no vehicle and no idea how to get there the next day.

Very magically, a close friend of mine happened to be in the area on that very day. We had plans to attend a talk at a local metaphysical bookstore (about angels, of course), and her and her husband spontaneously offered to give me a ride to Pasadena afterwards. Another friend who was going to the same event picked me up at my hotel, so everything worked out perfectly in the end.

(More stories to be shared another time.)

Do you have any favourite angelic experiences you’d like to share? Tell me about them in the comments down below!