Divine Prosperity™

A 90 Day Guided Journey for Spiritual + Creative Entrepreneurs Ready to Claim Their Next Level of EASE, Freedom and Abundance in Their Soul-Inspired Business


Hey Divine Magic Maker!

When you started your business, you were guided by a Big + Bold vision

You wanted to be free to live life on your terms, follow your heart’s desires every step of the way, and make a real impact doing meaningful work you’re deeply passionate about.

You wanted to travel and work from anywhere in the world, get outside into nature, have real quality time for yourself and your loved ones, and be the most authentic version of yourself every single day …

No more trading time for money, hustling your sweet backside off 40+ hours a week to make somebody else’s big dream happen, and suffocating your soul in a way too tiny cubicle each day just to pay the bills.

You Knew You Were Meant for More!

And so you went ahead and took the leap! You listened to your SOUL, started your business, and boldly stepped out to share your sacred work with the world.


Fast Forward to Today …

In so many ways, you have every reason to be proud of how far you’ve come.

You’re more free than you’ve ever been, you LOVE being your own boss, getting to make your own schedule, and working from home, your favourite coffee place, or anywhere in the world whenever you want to. (At least in theory.) 😜

You’re deeply passionate about what you do, and getting to use your healing gifts to make a difference in other people’s lives fills you with so much gratitude and joy!

You know you’re following a true calling, you have a BIG vision for the journey ahead of you, and you know you have a LOT of potential to make a much bigger impact with your sacred work.

However …

The truth also is: You’ve worked INCREDIBLY hard to get to where you are today. You’ve sacrificed family time, sleep, and spent many evenings and weekends glued to your computer rather than enjoying your freedom.

If you’re completely honest with yourself, you’re starting to feel burned out from being in constant busy mode, never getting a moment to rest, relax, and take proper care of your own health and well-being.

Even though you love your clients, constantly hopping from one call to the next and being tied to everybody else’s schedule can be draining—especially for an energetically sensitive being like you!

And even though you’re better off financially than you have been in the past, you STILL aren’t where you want to be. You know there’s so much MORE waiting for you! More abundance, more ease to enjoy your journey, more travel and adventures, more love and connection, more freedom to be you …

And you know that simply working harder to push your income to the next level is NOT the answer. You’re ready to make a bigger impact with less effort so you can expand your business with more ease, reclaim your freedom, and step into your next level life + business without burning out your soul.


It’s Time to Claim Your Divine MAGIC, Create EASE + Step into the FREEDOM You Know Is Possible for You.

(Without sacrificing your health, sanity + SOUL on the way there …)

Perhaps you’ve been desiring to …?

Raise your prices and finally charge what feels good to YOU.

Launch that new signature offer that’s been wanting to be birthed into the world for SO long.

Create a new passive income stream or reach a larger audience with an existing product or service.

Serve a new ideal client who is ready to receive the benefits of your true genius and divine gifts on a higher level.

Explore an entirely new direction in your life and business.

But you’re also …

Stuck in fear, self-doubt and self-sabotage, and continuously repeating old patterns even though you feel you’ve done all your mindset, healing + manifesting work like a pro.

Overwhelmed by your millions of ideas and confused about what steps to take next to leap your business forward.

Struggling to keep up with your never-ending to-do lists in and outside of your business. (You REALLY wish you had more time and space to focus on your next up-level, but you’re not sure where to find it!)

Even though you’ve literally tried ALL the things (webinars, funnels, posting in gazillions of Facebook groups every day, diligently saying your affirmations …), you just can’t seem to break through to that next higher level.

Perhaps you’ve already hired a coach (or two, or three …) to help you quantum leap your business forward, just to feel even more stuck and confused (following somebody else’s cookie cutter formula just isn’t working for you)!

You deeply desire a business that allows you to express ALL of who you are, honouring your unique gifts, soul mission, and inner wisdom—while also giving you the (SIMPLE!) structure you need to grow and move forward in a focused, grounded way.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to welcome you to my 90 day coaching intensive, Divine Prosperity™, created for soul-inspired entrepreneurs like you who are ready to release their fears + limiting beliefs, unleash their true magic, and quantum leap into their next level of ease, freedom + abundance in their life and business.

Sound amazing?

Message me here to get in touch or schedule a complimentary discovery call below. In this complimentary 30 minute session, we’ll dive into your vision for the journey ahead of you, find out what’s really holding you back from reaching your next level with ease, and make sure this program is the right fit for you before we begin our work together!


What We’ll Cover

Heart + Soul Desires

Get crystal clear what you desire for your next level so you can go full speed ahead and make your big + bold dreams happen without delay. You’ll learn how to deeply connect with your authentic truth through a combination of soul visioning (opening to divine inspiration) and honouring your feminine wisdom (body intuition).

Magic Mindset Mastery

Eliminate the excuses that are holding you back from embracing your truth and desires NOW rather than later. Cultivate a mindset for easeful success and joyful abundance.

Magical Space Clearing

Declutter your life + business on all levels, create space, and high-vibe your energy to receive your desires with more EASE and joy. (This is a fun, simple yet powerful manifesting technique I’ve used over and over again to quantum leap my life forward, and that also assists you on your ascension journey from 3D to 5D.)

Energy + Soul-Level Work

Energy + soul-level healing work with your angels and spiritual healing guides to help clear energetic blockages, release karmic contracts, and receive aligned guidance for the next steps on your journey.

Easy Soul-Inspired Business Strategy

Create bigger results with less effort by simplifying your business, embracing your unique gifts and strengths in your marketing and sales process, trusting and leveraging your intuition, and co-creating with the universe.


Package Includes

  • 1 x 3 hour intensive session to get crystal clear on your desires, set your intentions + kickstart your journey to your next level.

  • 11 x 45 minute follow-up sessions to support you in grounding your vision and reprogramming your body + mind for easeful soul-inspired success.

  • E-mail support in between sessions (Monday–Friday).

  • Workbook + self-study materials.

Your Investment: $5,000 USD paid in full. Payment plans available.