Get Your Oracle Deck Designed and Published

Creative Done-for-You Service for Soul-Inspired Business Owners, Intuitives + Healers Desiring to Channel Their Wisdom into Their Own Deck of Inspirational Cards

Oljato-Monument Valley, United States


Hey Divine Magic Maker!

Have you been dreaming about creating + publishing your own deck of oracle cards?

Are you an intuitive, healer, author, or spiritual business owner with a desire to make a bigger impact with your sacred work?

You love, love, LOVE working with oracle cards in your coaching or healing practice, and you’ve been thinking it would be SO cool to publish your very own deck featuring your unique soul wisdom + messages.

To get to share your work with more people, be more visible to a larger audience, and create a steady stream of additional passive income each month by selling your cards online, in your store, or on Amazon & co.


However …

You’ve also been stuck with your (millions of) idea(s) for a while.

You’re super busy growing and running your business, graphic design isn’t exactly your zone of genius, and having to figure out all the details of how to create, print, and publish your deck on your own feels rather overwhelming!

And you WISH there was somebody out there who could help you take the struggle + guesswork out of your creative process and turn your idea into a complete, finished product.

If this sounds like you, my team and I would LOVE to work our magic on your behalf to bring your vision of your own oracle or tarot deck to life!


How We Can Help

Together, we’ll support you through your entire creative journey from start to finish.

We’ll begin with a FREE consultation in which we’ll dive into your vision, outline the details of your project, and find out how we can best assist you with our services.

Depending on your idea, budget, and personal creative strengths, we can source or create your artwork for you, design your cards, box, and booklet, write or edit your copy, find a printing and publishing solution that suits your needs, and more.

We can co-create your deck with you or develop the entire product for you.

We can also help with ideas for marketing and selling your deck if desired.

If this sounds amazing, contact me here to set up your free consultation and let’s chat about how we can best help you make your oracle deck a reality!


Our Packages (Examples)


Option #1: Light

  • You bring your own artwork + writing.

  • We design your card layout + box (up to 45 cards, instructions on cards or box).

  • We create your print-ready files and submit them to a printing company of your choice (e.g. MPC or The Game Crafter).

  • 2 proof copies included (one for you and one for us).

  • 1 round of edits if needed.

    Your Investment: $1,800 USD paid in full or 2 x $1,000 USD.


Option#2: VIP

  • You bring your own writing, we design your artwork.

  • Digital artwork for approximately 45 cards + box + instructions (booklet of up to 8 pages).

  • We edit or proofread your copy if needed.

  • We create your print-ready files and submit them to a printing company of your choice (e.g. MPC or The Game Crafter).

  • 2 proof copies included (one for you and one for us).

  • 1 round of edits + 2 additional proof copies if needed.

  • 1 final consultation in which we’ll explore your next steps with your deck (e.g. marketing ideas, where to sell your deck).

    Your Investment: Starts at $4,500 USD.


Optional Add-Ons

  • Complete guidebook (layout + copywriting, editing, or proofreading).

  • Artwork custom designed or painted by an artist of your choice (we can connect you with an artist if desired).

  • Print file set-up + submission of your files to an offset printing company of your choice (ideal for larger print runs starting at 500 copies).

  • Additional cards.

  • Digital version of your deck for your website (WordPress only).

  • E-commerce set-up on your website.

Sound fabulous?

Contact me here to get started or set up a complimentary consultation call below.