Launch Your Freedom™

6 Week Business Planning Intensive



Hey Adventurer!

Do you ever find yourself staring at your computer screen for what seems like hours, fantasizing vividly about the life you could live if you didn’t have to sit in your waaaay-too-tiny cubicle all day, torturing your precious soul to make somebody else’s big dream happen?

What if you didn’t have to jump out of bed at 6 o’clock every morning, eat your breakfast in a hurry, be stuck in traffic forever, and then spend the rest of your day rushing from one appointment to the next until you finally get to relax + enjoy life just a little bit … before you have to get ready for bed + spend your night anxiously awaiting your next 12 hours in corporate hell?

What if life could be an exciting adventure?

What if you could be your own boss, go with your own divine flow every single day, do what you LOVE and get paid for it? What if you could travel and work from anywhere in the world and have real quality time for yourself, your family, your spiritual practice, and your creative passions?

What if you could be the QUEEN (or KING) of your reality, turn your vision board into your amazing new everyday reality, and use your magical gifts to make this world a better place for everyone?


If this sounds great, BUT …

You’re also feeling stuck, overwhelmed by all the tasks, to-dos, and insecurities that come with taking the leap into entrepreneurship, not sure how to package your gifts in a business that is both profitable and aligned with your soul’s highest calling, and tired of starting from scratch over and over again, I’d LOVE to help you find the clarity you need so you can commit to your path fully, release what’s no longer serving you, and take bold action to make your BEST life happen.

In the past 10 years, I’ve successfully applied spiritual laws such as the law of attraction, done a ton of healing work on myself, and worked my business magic to make many of my big dreams come true (read my story here), and I now delight in showing magical co-creators like you the way out of their corporate prisons so they can create an amazing life filled with true freedom, joyful abundance, and deep spiritual fulfillment.


Sound amazing?

If so, I’d love to welcome you to my 6 week business planning intensive, Launch Your Freedom™!

To get started, click the button below to request a free 30 minute discovery call in which we’ll dive into your vision for the journey ahead of you, uncover what’s really stopping you from making your dream life + business your reality, and make sure this program is the right fit for you before we begin our work together.


I'm forever grateful for the insights and guidance I received while working with Anna. She has helped me unblock deep seated fear-based beliefs that needed to be released in order to trust myself and go for my dreams without hesitation. Working with Anna has ignited the movement for me to explore a new direction in my business, start my coaching practice, and leave my 9–5 job for good.”

Mayra Satya Prem Kaur, Yoga Teacher + Health Coach, Puerto Rico

During our time together, you will …

  • Get crystal clear on your heart’s true desires and most soul-aligned path so you can go full speed ahead and make your BIG + BOLD dreams happen with ease, joy + confidence.

  • Deeply connect with your life purpose + special mission in this lifetime, and find out what you absolutely need in your career to feel happy + fulfilled on your path.

  • Package your gifts in a business that is both profitable + aligned with your unique soul-level gifts, your personality, and your vision for your life so it all feels 100% like you.

  • Create a simple, repeatable marketing + sales strategy that works for you as a sensitive soul-inspired creator, that is both fun and manageable, and that allows you to grow your business sustainably without pushing, struggling, and burning out.

  • Work your mindset and release the fears, doubts + limiting beliefs that are holding you back from making your dream life + business happen with ease.

Since working with Anna, I’ve been able to take the leap from my job to working only in my own business as a spiritual and transformational guide. Anna has shown me how to attract clients who truly love me, and manifest the money that I deserve. Also, receiving her Atlantean Healing™ was magical. The feedback she sent me afterwards was spot on, and I still get insights, reading it back.”

Marleen Renders, Visibility Coach, Netherlands


Intensive Schedule

Week 1: VISION QUEST — Channeling your soul-inspired vision for your dream life + biz.

Week 2: OPENING TO ABUNDANCE — Releasing your money blocks + creating a mindset for joyful success.

Week 3: YOUR LIFE PURPOSE — Getting clear on your soul mission, your ideal client, and business niche.

Week 4: YOUR INCOME CHANNELS — Mapping out your income channels + creating your offer(s).

Week 5: VISIBILITY + CONTENT STRATEGY — Creating a simple, repeatable marketing + sales plan to get visible and consistently enroll clients on demand (or create passive income/sell products if that’s what you prefer).

Week 6: ACTION PLAN — Putting all the pieces together. In week 6, we’ll answer any remaining questions you may have and create your soul-inspired corporate escape plan to get you from working in your 9–5 to enjoying full-time freedom a.s.a.p., without stress and overwhelm.

Weeks 7+: IMPLEMENTATION — Optional ongoing support (see package details below).

Package includes:

  • 6 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions over a period of 6 weeks.

  • E-mail support during the time we’re working together, Monday–Friday.

  • Individually packaged bonuses + self-study materials.

Your investment: $2,500 USD paid in full. Payment plans available.


“Having experienced sessions with other coaches who seemed to be more about money and ego, Anna’s way of working is completely refreshing—genuine, heartfelt and pure. She works directly from a heart and soul level and balances this with grounded wisdom, giving practical advice and action steps you can both manage and achieve. Anna’s soul wisdom, business knowledge, and spiritual sensitivity shines forth in everything she does and this is what makes her work so inspiring, powerful and life changing.

Samantha Winstanley, Graphic + Web Designer, United Kingdom