Intuitive Business Mentorship

4 months of VIP 1:1 support to get out of overwhelm, reclaim your time + freedom, and create success in a way that feels good to your soul.

Oljato-Monument Valley, United States


Hey Divine Magic Maker!

When you started your business, you were inspired by a big + bold vision.

You wanted to be free to live life on your terms, follow your heart’s desires every step of the way, and make a real impact doing meaningful work you’re deeply passionate about.

You wanted to travel and work from anywhere in the world, get outside into nature, have real quality time for yourself and your loved ones, and be the most authentic version of yourself every single day …

No more trading time for money, hustling your sweet backside off 40+ hours a week to make somebody else’s big dream happen, and suffocating your soul in a way too tiny cubicle each day just to pay the bills.

You knew you were meant for more!

And so finally, you went ahead and made it happen.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland

Fast forward to today …

You have every reason to be proud of how far you’ve come, your business has grown in leaps and bounds, and you’ve celebrated some pretty amazing successes lately.

You’re more free than you’ve ever been, you LOVE being your own boss, getting to make your own schedule, and working from home or your favourite coffee place whenever you want to.

But the truth is: The rapid forward movement in your life + business has also been taking its toll on you, your health and well-being.

Ever so often, you’re stuck on your computer way longer than you’d like, you’re exhausted from your constant content creation marathon on Facebook, Instagram + co., and having hardly a moment to breathe, relax and recharge your batteries is draining the life out of you.

And even though doing what you love for a living is awesome, being in constant high-adrenaline mode, struggling to keep up with your never-ending to-do lists, and putting your clients’ needs ahead of your own leaves you feeling burned out, depleted, and overwhelmed.

Truth be told, you’ve recreated your corporate prison within your own business!

Kudafari, Maldives

You know something needs to change!

You know you can’t keep doing what you’re doing if you want to keep expanding your business without totally burning yourself out.

You know there’s more waiting for you than being glued to your computer all day long, secretly resenting your clients because you’re constantly putting yourself on the back burner, and waking up dreading the day ahead of you because your business is starting to feel like just another J.O.B.

You’re ready to make a bigger impact with less effort so you can grow your business with more ease, reclaim your freedom, and embrace the LIFE you set out to create when you first took your leap into entrepreneurship!

That’s where I come in.

As an intuitive guide, coach + business strategist with 10 years’ of experience in the creative and spiritual niches, I can help you pinpoint what needs to shift in your business so you can confidently release what’s not serving you, create true freedom and ease, and build a solid foundation for sustainable long-term success.

Together, we’ll make sure your business is aligned with your authentic desires, vision and purpose, upgrade your mindset + energy so you can quantum leap into your (next level) dream life + business without self-sabotaging, and simplify the processes in your business so you can consistently hit your income goals without burning out.

Daigoji, Kyōto-shi, Japan

Sound amazing?

If so, I’d love to welcome you to my 4 month Intuitive Business Mentorship!

To get started, click the button below to request a free 30 minute discovery call in which we’ll dive into your vision for the journey ahead of you, uncover what’s really stopping you from hitting your income goals with ease, and make sure this program is the right fit for you before we begin our work together.



I had a session with Anna when I was going through a time of burnout and exhaustion in my business. I knew I needed to connect back in within myself (and Source) and find a new direction, but I couldn't really get out of my own way to do that. Anna helped me clearly see what was holding me back and what needed to shift, and helped me find clarity about next steps moving forward!”

Mary Knebel, Money Breakthrough Coach, United States


What we’ll cover:

1. Your Foundation

First, we’ll make sure your business really reflects YOU. You’ll get crystal clear on your purpose and desires for your next steps, your ideal client and business model, and create a signature offer you’re so excited about you can’t wait to share it with the world.

2. Mindset for Easeful Success

Next, we’ll dive deep into your self-sabotaging patterns, uncover what’s really holding you back from embracing the joy, freedom + prosperity you know is possible for you, and release your self-imposed limitations so you can create sustainable success in a way that feels good to your soul.

3. Simplify Your Life

Next, you’ll declutter your life on all levels to create space for your desires and high-vibe your energy so you can receive money, clients, and success with more ease. I’ll guide you through my tried and tested energy reset process which has been a complete game changer in my own life and business, and which has worked MAGIC for my clients, too.

4. Energy + Soul Level Work

Throughout our time together, you’ll receive soul-level guidance, insight, and energy upgrades from your angels, spirit guides, and higher consciousness, making sure you stay aligned with your true calling, and clearing any blockages that are stopping you from fully embracing (the next level of) your purpose.

5. Easy Soul-Inspired Business Strategy

Finally, you’ll create a marketing and sales system that works for you as a sensitive soul-inspired creator. We’ll simplify the processes in your business so you can focus on the activities that lead to actual results, eliminate time + energy suckers, and liberate your authentic voice so you can market and sell effectively, without feeling pushy or sleazy.

Portland Japanese Garden, Portland, United States


This program is for you if you’re ready to …

  • Create consistent $5K–$10K months with ease, then level up from there.

  • Have more time + space for the things that matter most in your life + business, whether that means traveling the world, spending more time with family and loved ones, diving deep into your creative passions

  • Cultivate a mindset for easeful success + high-vibe your energy so you can consistently hit your income goals without burning out.

  • Create a sacred self-care practice to regularly reconnect with your soul, replenish your energy, and work your magic from a truly inspired, divinely aligned place.

  • Ease anxiety and stress, and cultivate greater inner peace in your life.

  • Feel deeply fulfilled and aligned with your purpose so you can create sustainable success in a way that lights up your soul.

  • Implement 5th-dimensional business strategy and liberate your true authentic self so you can run + grow your business in a way that feels good to you rather than struggling to make somebody else’s model work for you.

Moran State Park, Olga, United States


Package includes:

4 Month Intuitive Business Mentorship

  • 1 x 3 hour deep dive intensive to kick off our time together + set your goals for the journey ahead of you.

  • 12 x 45 minute coaching sessions over a period of 4 months, held on Skype or Zoom.

  • E-mail and/or Voxer support Monday–Friday.

  • Individually packaged bonuses + self-study material.


Your investment: The investment for this package is $6,200 USD. Payment plans available.

Want to work with me, but aren’t yet ready to commit to a full 4 month mentorship or just need a quick boost to get you going in the right direction? Contact me to learn more about my my short + sweet VIP intensives. Mini coaching packages start at $997 USD.


Sound fabulous?

Schedule a complimentary discovery call below to get started. In this 30 minute session, we'll dive into your vision for the journey ahead of you, find out what's really stopping you from creating the life and business you deeply desire, and make sure we’re a good fit before we begin our work together.

Anna struck me as somebody who is deeply authentic, and she got right to the heart of the subjects that were at the core of my current journey, providing me with on-point insight that completely confirmed my own inner knowing. Within a short time of speaking she had zeroed in on the precise thing that was blocking me in moving forward, and helped me to shift it not only with grace but overflowing joy as well! I would definitely recommend Anna’s services.”

Ciara Young, Spiritual Guide + Teacher, Ireland