Client Love


Pernilla Helmersson, Empowerment Coach + World Traveler

Maria Jansson, Prayer Practitioner + Sound Healer


Mary Knebel, Money Breakthrough Coach

I had a session with Anna when I was going through a time of burnout and exhaustion in my business. I knew I needed to connect back in within myself (and Source) and find a new direction, but I couldn't really get out of my own way to do that.

Anna helped me clearly see what was holding me back and what needed to shift, and also helped me find clarity about next steps moving forward! What I loved the most about our session was that she reassured me that what I was going through was normal and nothing to be scared of. Instead, it was all part of the bigger process that was unfolding in my life and business. I had always been curious about getting a reading with Anna and now I'm so glad that I did!

Samantha Winstanley, Web + Graphic Designer

I needed some direction taking my business to the next phase, but as a creative person and having so many projects and ideas whirring round my head, I wasn’t sure where to start. I knew I needed to speak with someone who I could trust to help me feel into my soul’s deeper, most essential desires, so I could focus on what felt most important to me. It wasn’t hard to jump at the chance to work with Anna as I knew she would instinctively understand me as a sensitive, spiritual creator.

Having experienced sessions with other coaches who seemed to be more about money and ego, Anna’s way of working is completely refreshing—genuine, heartfelt and pure. She works directly from a heart and soul level and balances this with grounded wisdom, giving practical advice and action steps you can both manage and achieve. Anna’s soul wisdom, business knowledge, and spiritual sensitivity shines forth in everything she does and this is what makes her work so inspiring, powerful and life changing.



Christina Sander, Intuitive Photographer

I love working with Anna. I’m very selective in who I work with and Anna is one of the only people I turn to for guidance. As a spiritual teacher and intuitive it is important to me that the person I work with understands my gifts and my purpose and I feel Anna truly sees me for who I am and how I can step into my full potential.

In her sessions, Anna uses a combination of down-to-earth business coaching and intuitive guidance. Her approach allows her to serve sensitive creators like me who want to build a successful business and gently guide them to step into their purpose in a way that works for them.

Anna has really helped me to step into my purpose and to embrace my gifts as a spiritual teacher. She empowers me to share more of my own wisdom and guides me in the right direction when it comes to putting myself out there and promoting my work in a soulful way.

Tara Preston, Feminine Prosperity Mentor

Anna has a beautiful healing presence that really allowed me to drop in, and feel into my own healing process as well. The session I had with her was such a gift, and it really brought clarity around how to navigate the next steps forward on my path. It felt like a magical journey through the landscape of my inner kingdom. I came to Anna when I knew I needed not just clarity, but also heart healing, and she helped me do both. Thank you, Anna, for your presence, your guidance, and your love.



Mina Reyes, Spiritual Coach

Before working with Anna, I was very drained and creatively blocked. I was also burnt out by my unfulfilling spiritually based business. While working with Anna, I experienced a major heart healing and got to the core of where I was stuck, and as a result, I made some long overdue changes in my business.

Anna was very understanding and gentle as I was processing things at my own pace, helping me to see the big picture of my transformation. I gained confidence in the talents and gifts that I had not yet shared with the world. Shortly after my coaching time with Anna ended, I launched my first high-end program and received my first client almost immediately! Anna truly opened my eyes and helped me to embrace my unique gifts. I am eternally grateful. Every penny I invested in her program was worth it!

Marleen Renders, Visibility Coach

Over the last couple of years, Anna has helped me beyond what she knows. Since working with Anna, I’ve been able to take the leap from my job to working only in my own business as a spiritual and transformational guide. Anna has shown me how to attract clients who truly love me, and manifest the money that I deserve. Also, receiving her Atlantean Healing™ was magical. The feedback she sent me afterwards was spot on, and I still get insights, reading it back. I am so grateful for Anna’s unwavering support and magical 1:1 sessions! She’s the real deal!



Nicky Bernas, Spiritual Guide + Healer

Anna came into my life about 7 years ago. I was going through the ups and downs of my spiritual awakening, diving deep into my subconscious programming, working to reclaim my power and freedom and break away from limitations.

When I met Anna, she helped me build confidence and trust in my own guidance system. She not only inspired me to embrace my gifts and follow my bliss, she encouraged me, softly and gently, to go big and share my gifts with the world. Through this, Anna was the catalyst for my first online business. She helped me realize that I have the power within me to create the life I truly want, that I am my own best teacher, and that I can manifest anything I put my attention upon!

Anna continues to be a source of inspiration and an example in my life of someone truly in the flow of creation, co-creation, and re-creation, reminding me often that there is no destination and that it's okay to take time to pause, smell the roses, take a picture, integrate experiences, examine the self, align with Source and then flow again!

Thank you so much for all you have done for me on my journey to freedom. Life is more magical with you in it.

Mayra Satya Prem Kaur, Yoga Teacher + Health Coach

I'm forever grateful for the insights and guidance I received while working with Anna. She has helped me unblock deep seated fear-based beliefs that needed to be released in order to trust myself and go for my dreams without hesitation. Working with Anna has ignited the movement for me to explore a new direction in my business, start my coaching practice, and leave my 9–5 job for good.



Britny West, Mindset Coach

I've been connected with Anna for the past few years and I can tell you one thing—she is extremely passionate and skilled in her work as a coach and healer.

I was blessed to have a session with her a couple of months ago where she gave me spot on spiritual guidance that helped me move forward when I was feeling really stuck. I highly recommend her and her work.