[EP #15] Finding Your Creative Gold with Sarah Marie Thompson

In this week’s episode of the Conscious Entrepreneurs Podcast, I got to interview one of my favourite creative soul sisters, Sarah Marie Thompson.

As a creative lifestyle expert and soul guide, Sarah has assisted hundreds of women in finding their creative gold, conquering their fears, and turning their passions into a fun, profitable business.

In our conversation, she shared her own magical journey as a creative business owner, the challenges she has faced and overcome along the way, and her best tips for passion driven entrepreneurs who want to make an abundant living doing what they love most.

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In this episode, Sarah shares with us ...

  • How she followed her inspiration to take the leap into her own interior design business, and how she was magically guided to become a mentor for creative entrepreneurs.
  • How to overcome your creative blocks and find your focus in your passion driven business.
  • Her favourite abundance tips for creative business owners.

To learn more about Sarah's work, visit:

[EP15] Finding Your Creative Gold in Your Passion Driven Business with Sarah Marie Thompson | Conscious Entrepreneurs Podcast #podcast #business #creativity #purpose #spirituality #prosperity