[EP #3] 5th-Dimensional Business Strategy + Creation with Solara Sophia Rose

In episode #3 of the Conscious Entrepreneurs Podcast, I got to interview one of my favourite soul sisters and fellow spiritual teachers, Solara Sophia Rose.

Solara is a multi-dimensional energy expert, master channel, and spiritual advisor who specializes in helping entrepreneurs implement 5th-dimensional consciousness in their business and create their next level of financial success in an authentic and soulful way. In our conversation, she shared her best tips to powerfully call your dreams into reality, her vision for the New Earth, and more.

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In this episode, Solara shares with us ...

  • How she got started on her spiritual awakening journey and how she discovered her purpose as a visionary leader and mentor for entrepreneurs on the ascension path.

  • Her definition of 5th-dimensional creation and her best tips on how to shift into embodied 5th-dimensional consciousness without being sidetracked by fear and (self-)doubt, in life + business.

  • Her perspective on the future of money, cryptocurrency, and other means of exchange on planet Earth.

  • Memories of her soul journey + her fascinating experience of life in the other dimensions.

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