[EP #5] Remembering Your Past Lives

Welcome to episode #5 of the Conscious Entrepreneurs Podcast! I had a bit of a scheduling hick-up this week, therefore I wasn't able to record the interview I had planned—however, instead of waiting for my next guest whom I'll be interviewing this coming week, I thought I'd improvise and create an episode on my own. :)

The topic that spontaneously came to mind: Past-life memories and how you can connect with your own past lives to clear blocks that are holding you back in your life and business.

I've been doing this work for about 7 years now and have found my own explorations to be both incredibly fascinating as well as profoundly healing.

In this episode, I shared some examples of past lifetimes I have remembered over the years, how past-life work has helped me heal my relationships, manifest my soul mate, and get to the bottom of patterns that were sabotaging my business—and, if you stay until the end, you'll get to experience a short past-life regression meditation firsthand.

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[EP5] Remembering Your Past Lives with Anna Frolik | Conscious Entrepreneurs Podcast #podcast #business #spirituality