[EP #6] Embracing Your Sacred Feminine Beauty With Tara Preston

Join me and Tara Preston in episode #6 of the Conscious Entrepreneurs Podcast, and learn how you can embrace your sacred feminine beauty + wisdom to create powerful shifts in your life and business.

Tara Preston is a beauty shaman, akashic records healer and intuitive business mentor for women who are ready to live beautifully in the boldness of their soul’s calling. After spending over a decade in the beauty industry as a model and make-up artist, she is now passionate about helping women in business own their true beauty, power and authenticity so they can confidently step into their purpose and create the business + life their soul longs for.

Through her work in the akashic records, she is able to bring light to her clients’ highest potential and help them release deep seated limiting patterns that are holding them back, often in just one session. She wants women to know that creating a business that feels fun, joyful and led by passion is absolutely possible—and that it doesn’t need to take years to get there!

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In this episode, Tara shares with us ...

  • Her story about how she left her career in the beauty industry to pursue her passion for her spiritually based work in her own business.

  • Why to her, beauty is about inner values just as much as it is about looks, and why she's so passionate about helping women in business discover their true authentic beauty.

  • How she discovered working with the moon cycles as a beautiful way to connect with her divine feminine creativity, and how this work has transformed her business.

  • Her best tips to embrace your feminine essence and beauty to powerfully shift your business + create the life your soul is craving.

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