[EP #8] Intuitive Branding + Design with Tami Anderson

Join myself and Tami Anderson in episode #8 of the Conscious Entrepreneurs Podcast, and get inspired to create the life + business of your dreams by following your passion and trusting the flow of life.

Tami is a web designer + branding expert who loves to use her intuitive gifts to create beautiful websites, logos + graphics tailored to her clients' needs and personality. As long as she can remember, she has been obsessed with typeface + fonts, and she's passionate about creating the most unique lettering to perfectly represent the brands she works with. Her web designs are built in WordPress, which is a versatile, flexible platform that allows for quick and easy editing + updates.

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In this episode, Tami shares with us ...

  • How the universe "pushed" her into her branding business by "accident" after a period of searching for her dream job without success.

  • How she uses her intuitive gifts to create beautiful websites + graphics that her clients love.

  • Her best tips for creative entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business doing what they're most passionate about.

To learn more about Tami and her work, visit:

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