[EP #9] Creating Your Life Your Way with Sazzu Hope

Welcome to episode #9 of the Conscious Entrepreneurs Podcast, featuring one of my favourite success mentors + fellow world travelers, Sazzu Hope (currently enjoying a 6 month getaway surrounded by palm trees + beaches in Thailand).

In our conversation, Sazzu shared her favourite manifesting + success tips for women who want to create their best life + business by living their authentic truth and trusting what feels good to them.

On her own journey, Sazzu has gone from working 80 hour weeks with little results in her first two years to creating a thriving business she loves and filling her coaching programs with ease—while working less and having more time for her passions in and outside of her business.

She now supports spiritual women entrepreneurs who want to break through to +$20K months in their business while staying true to themselves and creating the lifestyle their soul is craving.

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In this episode, Sazzu shares with us ...

  • Her story about how she got started on her entrepreneurial journey + how she went from working 80 hour weeks + struggling in her first 2 years to building her thriving 6-figure coaching business with ease.

  • Why YOU are the missing ingredient you're looking for in your business, and how to create a successful, fulfilling business + life by trusting what feels good to you.

  • How to up-level your business + income fast without self-sabotaging.

  • Her best tips on how to simplify your life + business to create space for more abundance, freedom + well-being.

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