[EP #11] Ascending Earth Creation + 5D Business with Kathryn Mussell

In this week's episode of the Conscious Entrepreneurs Podcast (epsiode #11, yay), I got to connect with one of my favourite ascension guides + teachers, Kathryn Mussell.

Kathryn is an intuitive energy healer, ascending earth creatrix, and creator of the healing modality Ascending Earth Reiki. It is her passion + purpose to help humanity understand and be more at peace with our current shift into 5th-dimensional consciousness as part of the process of planetary ascension.

As part of her work, she supports business owners through their transition from 3rd to 5th-dimensional consciousness in their business—which is a topic I'm super passionate about myself.

In our conversation, Kathryn shared how she discovered her purpose as a healer + spiritual guide, what key elements we need to understand as business owners ready to recreate our businesses in the 5th dimension, as well as practical tips to implement these spiritual principles in our physical everyday life.

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In this episode, Kathryn shares with us ...

  • How she discovered her purpose as a spiritual guide, healer + teacher.

  • How she took a leap of faith, quitting her 9–5 from one day to the next, so she could follow her soul calling to work in her purpose-driven business full time.

  • Her best tips for business owners ready to shift their business from the 3rd to 5th dimension.

To learn more about Kathryn and her work, visit:

[EP11] Ascending Earth Creation + Business in the 5D Paradigm with Kathryn Mussell | Conscious Entrepreneurs Podcast #podcast #business #spirituality #ascension #5d