How to Set Up a Simple Quiz Funnel for Your Business

The other week, I received an invitation to test a quiz builder that can be used to create personality test type quizzes and collect leads in a fun, simple way.

After playing around with it for a bit and testing different setups, I'm happy to say that I've officially published my first quiz here on my website. » You can check it out here if you're curious! :)

In today's blog, I wanted to share a quick tutorial that explains how you can create a simple quiz funnel to generate leads and attract clients for your business. And I also wanted to give you a review of the tool I've used to set up my quiz (Interact*).

First, the tutorial:

First Impressions of the Interact Quiz Builder

I've been working with the Interact quiz builder for about a month now, and I can say that my experience has been very positive so far.

Having used quite a few different quiz builders in the past, including embedded quizzes as well as WordPress plugins, this one is definitely the most flexible I've tested so far. And it's quick and easy to set up, too. (Even here on my Squarespace site.) :)

It contains all the essential features you'll need to quickly and effectively collect leads, such as e-mail integration, call-to-action buttons, different ways to set up opt-in forms, etc. Even though the quiz builder is very flexible, it doesn't feel overwhelming in any way. (Watch the video above for further techie details.)

I also love that quizzes can be styled to match your brand, which means all colours can be customized, and you can use custom fonts, too.

Finally, I've had a few opportunities to talk to members of the Interact team and loved how smooth and pleasant they made the on-boarding process for me.

If I could make ONE wish, it would be this: It would be great to have the option to send quiz participants to their results page only after they've confirmed their e-mail address, e.g. by redirecting them to an external page or sending them a PDF with their results.

Other than that, I absolutely love this tool so far!

Want to create your own quiz?

» Try the Interact* quiz builder for free here!

Want to take my quiz? » Check it out here! :)