[EP #12] Money, Intuition + Upleveling Your Spiritual Business with Mary Knebel

Join myself and Mary Knebel in this week’s episode, and learn how you can shift your mindset + energy to call in your next level of prosperity in your spiritual business.

Mary is a certified money breakthrough coach, money intuitive, as well as a gifted healer, and her mission is to empower sensitive spiritual women to up their money game so they can make a bigger impact with their soul work while living a more abundant and fulfilling life.

She believes that everything in life is connected, and she’s passionate about helping her clients uncover the real reasons behind why they’re struggling to hit their income goals so they can embrace deep transformation in all areas of their experience—whether it’s money, love, their relationship with God, or something else.

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In this episode, Mary shares with us ...

  • How she accidentally discovered her purpose as a money breakthrough coach in answer to her desire to leave her corporate job.
  • Why spiritual women struggle to hit their money goals and how to shift your mindset to call in your next level of income + impact with more ease.
  • Her best tips for sensitive spiritual women who desire to uplevel their business quickly.
  • How her recent dark night of the soul has changed her business and helped her to create a more authentic, fulfilling life.

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[EP12] Money, Intuition + Upleveling Your Spiritual Business with Mary Knebel | Conscious Entrepreneurs Podcast #podcast #business #money #spirituality